Personal Shredding Services in CT

Shred Your Personal Documents in Connecticut Tomorrow

You can have those personal papers with your private information shredded in Connecticut tomorrow or any day you want Monday through Saturday with FileShred. We will come to your residence or any CT location you have personal files and destroy them there so you can witness it being done.

So What Does It Cost To Shred Documents in Connecticut

Some companies charge per box or per pound. FileShred makes it easy by charging you a cost per 95-gallon bin. Our bins hold about 300 pounds of paper.  Now you may be thinking what is 300 pounds of paper? That is ten of the standard file boxes that are 15 inches long or five of the legal file boxes that are 24 inches long. The rate per bin is based on how much paper you need to shred. The more you have to shred the lower the price per bin. Just give FileShred a call to get a quote.

Per Box Is Not The Way To Go – If you get a quote that charges you a price per box you may be paying for shredding you’re not getting. In many cases not all your boxes will be full of files. But regardless if the boxes are full or not you are paying the same cost for each box that is shredded. With a per bin price structure the bin is filled and you only pay for the number of bins shredded.

Shredding By The Pound Is More Expensive – When you are being charged by the pound it can range from $1.00 to $3.95 per pound. That would mean if you have a bin of documents to shred it would cost $300.00 to $1,185. A per bin price with FileShred will be a fraction of the cost by the pound.

Personal Shredding On-Site At Your Location

Boxes and garbage bags full of your personal papers is heavy. So having to lift them and put them in your car to take them someplace to have them destroyed is difficult and inconvenient. You don’t have to do that with FileShred because we will come to you. We have a fleet of trucks that have been outfitted with powerful industrial shredders. What that means is we can come to you and shred your personal files at your home, self-storage facility or any location you have papers that need to be destroyed. You will be able to watch you documents being shredded. Our mobile document destruction service is convenient and reassuring.

Get Your Individual Shredding Quote & Appointment

Not only do we make shredding convenient we make it easy to get. Just give FileShred a call to speak to a member of our helpful staff and they will be able to give you a phone quote. You will be able to also set up your service date on the same call. We offer our personal paper shredding services six days a week. That means you can have your documents destroyed on the day you prefer Monday through Saturday.

Give FileShred a call to get your personal shredding quote and appointment today.