Scheduled Document Shredding: How to Do It in Bulk?

Is your office piling up with heaps of documents? Not to worry because we have got you all covered up. This article provides all the necessary details about the solution to your problem, i.e., document shredding. So make sure to read till the end.


Documents containing information flooding your counters and stores need to be discarded safely in order to safeguard their confidentiality. Document shredding is a mandatory part of every business and enterprise to dispose of valuable documents that are no longer needed. It can be done by either investing in a personal at-home document shredder or outsourcing to shredding companies. Buying a separate document shredder for use at offices seems to be a convenient and long-term solution but is actually NOT. Your employees will have to manually feed the documents to be shredded into the shredder and then take the shredded mess to a garbage bin or recycling dump themselves. This could greatly affect the efficiency and output of employees since they would have an additional job of shredding as well. Shredders also use quite hefty amounts of electricity and so they can be a constant burden for your business or workplace. The other option is scheduled to document shredding which is discussed down below.

Scheduled Document Shredding: An In-depth Overview

Scheduled document shredding is the type of document shredding done by shredding companies both on-site and off-site, which is totally up to your preference. On-site document shredding works through a mobile unit that has a heavy-duty document shredder inside as well as a lot of storage space to collect the shreds. Such document shredders can usually shred millions of documents within an hour. They are very affordable and also offer many different types of shreds depending upon your choice. For example, the documents can be shredded into fine strips, squares, or even tiny particles, which of course, depends on the extent of confidentiality of documents that need to be shredded.

Final Thoughts

To protect yourself and your business from theft, leakage of information, and other such hazardous situations, it is always wise to take precautions ahead of time. Document shredding is one such precautionary measure. Misuse of sensitive information can make you face extreme situations, so it is important to safely discard such documents.

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