Disposing Your Hard Drives the Secure Way

Disposing Your Hard Drives the Secure Way

Technology plays a huge role in our lives. We use it to manage our paperwork, personal finances, businesses, and so much more. Imagine how much sensitive information our devices contain by the time we’ve finished using them. That’s why identity thieves view old hard drives as such an asset. Accessed by the wrong person, they can reveal everything about you for them to take advantage of.

When you need to dispose of old computers or hard drives, you don’t want anyone accessing your old data. At FileShred, we offer dependable hard drive disposal services in the Hartford, CT area to keep your old data secure.

Common methods used for hard drive disposal all present security holes:

  • Technology recycling programs: Many popular businesses now offer technology recycling programs. But when you recycle your old computer, you risk the person you hand it over to taking your information.
  • Throwing technology away: Throwing away your computer isn’t a safe alternative. In addition to being outright illegal in many areas, it gives open access to your hard drive to anyone who finds it in the trash.
  • Selling old technology: Selling your computer might seem like a good option. But it runs the risk that anyone buying it might have access to your old data.

According to a Harvard University study, only 19% of hard drives sold through eBay since 2001 were wiped clean prior to sale. Among those that weren’t, several held usable credit card numbers.

Recovering data off of discarded hard drives isn’t limited to personal computers. Businesses can also fall prey. In the same Harvard study, researchers found an ATM drive with 827 credit card numbers on it and a supermarket drive with 1,356 numbers. What’s worse is that they also found a medical center drive with 11,609 numbers on top of patient data. When you dispose of a business hard drive, keeping your customers’ and staff’s information safe should be top priority.

Peace of Mind with FileShred

When you dispose your hard drive with FileShred, you can rest assured knowing your information has been fully destroyed. Once you schedule a disposal, one of our agents will meet with you in person. They can dispose of your hard drives in front of you to provide complete peace of mind.

We have more than 30 years of data destruction experience. We offer hard drive disposal for both personal and professional hardware. Our service is NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) certified with a AAA rating. That means we exceed the highest industry standards. In addition, we comply with state and federal privacy laws. We’ll make sure your sensitive information is disposed of fully in a way that works for you.

For more information on keeping your personal data safe with our hard drive destruction services, give FileShred a call at (855) 54-SHRED.