Shred Trucks & Containers: A Tale Of Synergy

Rumbling along the roadways are fleets of trucks trying to reach their destinations on time. Some of these trucks carry shredders within, and destroyed paper materials from a successful shred job. Those papers have come from a variety of places, but part of their journey may have led them through a shred container. These containers and the trucks form a symbiotic relationship together that improves everyone’s document management efforts.

How and why does this happen? It’s all in support of better information handling, and safety in support of compliance regulations, and preventing identity theft.

Trucks & Containers

The shred truck: the greatest innovation for the shredding industry, allows service to go wherever it is needed. Consider that before this a prospective client would need to either drop their files off at a location themselves or have it picked up by a truck. That’s all well and good you might think, and it does surely work, as those services are still offered to this day. But the true genius of the shredding truck is in allowing a client to watch the entire process from start to finish, and not requiring them to have to go out anywhere, interrupting their workflow.

The Aid of Containers

Containers provide safe and easy collection points throughout the workplace for your sensitive documents to be deposited. Easily placed in unobtrusive spots, they require next to no training to learn how to use them, you simply place papers through the letter slot. That letter slot also prevents papers from being retrieved by someone who might not have the best intentions for your private information. The bins are locked, a stalwart guardian of privacy against the forces of thieving darkness.

When A Plan Comes Together

Now comes the true brilliance of these systems: using them together to form an easy, coherent, and secure document management chain. The trucks with their mobility come to your location, the bins with their security stand ready to be emptied, while you standby to ensure the process is legitimate. The truck arrives at your place, the bins are collected and wheeled out, from there the bins get slotted into the truck. You watch as they are lifted up and emptied into the truck, and then the papers are shred inside.

Then the bins are returned to their proper places inside your workplace, the trucks drive off to deposit the shredded material for proper recycling. There you have it. You’ve had to do very little work yourself, yet maintained maximum security for your secure documents.

How to achieve all of this? Just ask us!