Shredding is Better Than Recycling

Shredding is Better Than Recycling

Shredding is Better Than Recycling

Over 60% of all harvested trees are used to make paper and pulp. Paper usage in the average office is growing at 22% per year. 45% of every piece of paper that is printed in an office is thrown away the same day. Let’s face it; we use a lot of paper.
Recycling all of the paper we use is a great way to have a positive effect on our environment. Recycling just one ton of paper will save about 17 trees. The more paper we recycle, the fewer trees we have to harvest. That’s a great incentive to recycle.

What Makes it Better?

With all this information, why is document shredding better than recycling? Just recycling your documents means they are being separated from your regular garbage so they can be recycled. The problem with that is that your documents are being thrown away in a readable form. That means any information on those papers can be accessed by anyone that comes into contact with them. Identity thieves and corporate espionage criminals know this, and they will look in recycle bins to get that private information.

Two Great Things with One Service

Here’s where shredding comes in. Every document that’s shredded will then be sent to be recycled. That means you still have the benefit of recycling, plus the added protection that no one will be able to access your information.

Half the documents we use in business have important information on them. Privacy laws require that these documents be shredded before they’re thrown away. This ensures the protection of that confidential information. You should have every document shredded to make sure the information is destroyed, and all of the paper you dispose of is recycled.

FileShred would be happy to help you with a one-time shredding service or develop an ongoing shredding program that will protect your information and protect the environment. Get in touch with the local file shredding pros at FileShred when you need responsible and sustainable shredding in Connecticut.