On-site Document Shredding, It really exists!

man in purple shirt carrying shredding documents in a plastic bag

On-site Document Shredding, It really exists!

Many people are surprised to learn that there is a professional service that will come to your office or home to destroy your confidential documents.

Well, there is such a service, and this is how it works. A truck that has been equipped with an industrial shredder arrives at your location. Then your documents are placed in a bin. The bin is a large plastic container on wheels that has a security top. That way your documents can be protected once they’ve been placed inside. The bin then gets moved to the truck so the hydraulic grabber can lift the bin and empty the documents into the shredder. The shredder then destroys your documents by shredding them into unreadable particles of paper.

See Your Documents Being Shredded

Most paper shredding trucks have a camera system that will allow you to see your papers being destroyed on a monitor on the side of the truck. Make sure the document destruction company you hire has trucks with this feature so you can see for yourself that your files are gone.

Why is On-site Shredding Better?

Mobile shredding is more secure, and there is less room for errors. On-site document shredding ensures the complete destruction of your documents before the truck leaves. With off-site service, your documents are loaded onto a truck where they will be transported to many other locations where more documents are picked up. After all of that, they’ll finally they get to a facility where they’ll get destroyed. Every stop the truck makes has the potential for errors like leaving a door unlocked or open. You also never know how many people handle your documents or when they are shredded. With off-site shredding, the bin gets emptied into a warehouse onto an open conveyor that then moves your document to the shredder. ¬†With on-site shredding, your documents are never touched again after they are put into the bin until they have been destroyed.

Benefits of On-site Shredding Services

  • On-site document shredding is the most effective and convenient way to dispose of your documents securely because the document destruction service comes to you.
  • Document shredding gives you peace of mind that your confidential information has been properly destroyed.
  • All the shredded documents are recycled. This lowers your environmental impact by reducing the number of trees that need to be harvested. Every one ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.
  • Mobile shredding saves you time because the paper shredding truck can destroy in minutes what would take you hours, if not days, to do with a personal shredder.
  • You limit the risk of identity thieves and corporate espionage spies from stealing your information. Dumpster diving and sorting through trash cans to obtain your private information is a real danger. So when you use on-site document shredding services, you will eliminate this possibility.
  • It reduces clutter and frees up valuable space in your office and home.

FileShred is a local on-site document shredding company that is available to come to your home or office Monday through Saturday to destroy your confidential files. For more information, please give us a call or visit www.fileshred.net.