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Shredding can be easy if you choose the right document destruction company in Southington Connecticut. FileShred is the right company for both businesses and residents of Southington, CT because we build our service around the needs of each customer.  So whether you need a one-time service or you need to securely dispose of records on an ongoing basis we can help.  Give us a call to make an appointment right away.

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With just one telephone call you can get the information you need to choose the right service for your needs.  On the same call, we will provide you with a very fair price and schedule your appointment to securely destroy your confidential records right away even if you need it tomorrow. FileShred understands that everyone’s schedule is different that’s why we offer next-day shredding Monday through Saturday in Southington, CT.  This way you can choose the best date for you to have your confidential files professionally destroyed. There is no extra charge for Saturday.

We Bring Document Destruction Services To You in Southington CT

FileShred in an on-site paper shredding company. What that means is our trucks come to your Southington Connecticut home or office to perform all document destruction services. Your private files are completely eliminated before we leave your location and you can see your papers going through the industrial blades with the camera system on every one of our on-site trucks.

On-site Shredding in Southington CT – How It Works

Our powerful truck will arrive at your location. Our uniformed technician will show you his FileShred picture ID. You can be comfortable with our staff because they are background checked, drug tested, and sign confidentiality agreements. Your files will be placed into one of our 96=gallon security bins that hold 300 pounds of paper and it will be locked. The bin is then rolled to the truck where it will be lifted and your private papers will be emptied directly into the cutting blades destroyed. You can accompany the bin to watch the entire process on a monitor on the side of the truck.

Our Great Document Destruction Options in Southington CT

One-time Document Shredding for All Businesses

Our one-time service is for any Southington CT organization that has a one-time or occasional need to securely dispose of business records.  We don’t have any minimum visit requirements you can call us only when you would like to shred files.  This option affords you all the flexibility to call us for that large file purge you have been putting off for years or call us any number of times during the year to destroy the documents that accumulated in the normal operation of your office.  You call us whenever you need us and we will be ready.

How We Calculate Our Fee – We charge you for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your company papers.  The price per bin is based on the volume of documents you want shredded.  You must pay for at least one bin.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Our scheduled service is for an ongoing need to dispose of business records in a secure and compliant manner. We provide security containers that come in a number of sizes to hold your documents in until they are shredded. We will do a walkthrough of your Southington CT office to determine the best locations to place the containers so all of your staff will be able to easily deposit papers in them.  Then on a recurring schedule, we will send our trained staff to unlock each container and remove any of the papers that have been deposited and destroy them immediately You can have a schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.  We will work with you to determine the right schedule for you.

How We Calculate Our Fee – We provide the necessary containers rent-free.  We charge you by the type of container when they are serviced.

On-site Residential Shredding

All of those old personal files you have at your Southington Connecticut home are rich with your personal information and should never be put in with the household trash.  Identity thieves know that garbage cans and dumpsters are a good place to look to steal someone’s identity.  Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic have all of your private papers destroyed with our residential shredding service.  We will bring one of our paper shredding trucks to your Southington CT home and all of the personal files and documents you want to throw away will be destroyed there for you to witness as it is being done.  Appointments for our at-home document destruction service are available Monday through Saturday.

How We Calculate Our Fee – Pay for each 96-gallon bin we place your private papers in and shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

What Happens To Your Shredded Papers

The good news is they don’t end up in a landfill.  All the destroyed documents will be recycled and used to make other paper products like paper towels and bathroom tissue.  We save 17 trees with every ton of shredded paper that is recycled.

We Offer Real Benefits

  • We are a family-owned local company that cares about the communities we serve.
  • One call gets you a quote and an appointment.
  • You pick the day for your appointment Monday – Saturday.
  • We come to your Southington CT location to shred your documents.
  • When we arrive you just point we’ll do all the work including the stairs.
  • Why trust us because we are background checked and drug tested.
  • Our NAID AAA Certification means we exceed the highest standards.

If you need document shredding services in Southington, CT, we are ready to help. Give FileShred a call.