Tax Season is Document Shredding Season

Shredding of Tax Documents

Now that tax season is here it’s time to get rid of past year’s tax records and any duplicates of documents from this year’s tax return.  Don’t just throw them away, have them professionally shredded with FileShred.  We shred at our customer’s locations Monday through Saturday.  You can have an appointment as soon as tomorrow.

How Long To Keep Tax Records

You should keep a copy of income tax returns and supporting documents like receipts and worksheets for a number of years. The Internal Revenue Service has three years from the date the return was filed or two years after the taxes were paid whichever is greater to audit your federal income tax returns. However, this limit does not apply in some cases. If you failed to report more than 25 percent of your gross income, the government has six years to collect the tax or to start legal proceedings. Also, there are no time limitations if you filed a fraudulent return or if you failed to file a return. That means keeping records for at least three years and probably six years after an expense was incurred or after the final disposition/sale/withdrawal of an asset—or for three to six years after you filed the tax return based on that action, if you filed late.  Many accountants advise keeping returns and supporting documents for at least seven years.

Which Tax Documents Should I Shred?

Any document or file that is no longer needed or required to retain should be shredded.  Any document that has even a single piece of your personal information needs to be shredded before being disposed of.  It is always a safer course of action to shred all documents you want to discard.  Doing so will better protect your private information from getting into the wrong hands.

Why Use FileShred Instead of Shredding Yourself?

You may think that buying a shredder and destroying tax records yourself may be less expensive and more convenient here are some points to consider.  Home shredders and office-grade shredders can only handle a few sheets of paper at a time.  You also will need to remove paper clips and staples before feeding documents into these machines.  Your personal time and the time of your staff have value and using one of these small shredders will take a significant amount of time depending on how many documents you need to destroy.  With FileShred’s mobile shredding trucks you will not need to prepare your files in any way because our industrial equipment will cut through any paper fasteners.  Our trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can shred in minutes what will take you days and weeks to do on your own.  Professional on-site document destruction will save you a lot of time and money.

Why FileShred Over Other Companies?

On-Site paper shredding with FileShred destroys your tax records with a mobile unit at your location so you can see it being done which will give you peace of mind. Some companies will offer to pick up your tax documents and put them in the back of a truck, transport them to a warehouse to be shredded at a later date. Not destroying these papers at your home or office leaves room for error.  We destroy documents Monday through Saturday so you can have your tax papers shredded on a day that is best for you.  Other firms will tell you when they are available.

Call Today To Get A Document Destruction Quote

Give us a call today and we will give you a quote to shred your old tax files.  On the same call, you will be able to set up your on-site shredding appointment.