The Drawbacks of In-house Shredding

The Drawbacks of In-house Shredding

Every company has confidential information floating around. Customer bills, wages, and other sensitive information should not be shared within the office, thus these documents are generally shredded. However, putting the shredder in a common location for all employees to utilise isn’t the most effective means of dealing with this volume of paper. Paper Shredding services are an essential part of an efficient and productive workplace, and it’s for this reason businesses are seeking out shredding companies to do all the shredding for them.

Lack of Customer Privacy

Running a business can be quite demanding, especially when you have to manage sensitive records regarding your company and clientele. Your customers provide you with their personal information, entrusting that you will do everything to protect them, therefore it’s your responsibility to safeguard these records and maintain them according to compliance.  Documents such as health records, financial papers, or even address details can be detrimental to your business if fallen into the wrong hands. Due to retention requirements, some documents aren’t destroyed and kept in filing cabinets, whereas other documents are simply just tossed into recycling or trash. Neither of these methods are fully effective in minimizing the risk of fraud or identity theft.

When you decide to work with a secure shredding service, you get to take advantage of a more secure document shredding solution as they provide well-trained, background-screened professionals to do the destruction process for you. All documents are carried in secured containers and a chain of custody measures are consistently taken and followed.


When a company isn’t working with a destruction company, one or two people are generally assigned to do the document shredding process. These staff will fill containers with documents and take them to a neighbouring shredding plant if the amount is too great for the shredder at the office. This hauling time adds up to a lot of missed work hours for the company. By totally removing this paperwork transfer time, an ongoing shredding service will increase the organization’s efficiency. In addition, your staff wastes time taking care of the shredding process rather than focusing on things that will increase company productivity.

If you’re still hesitant on whether your business requires a secure document destruction service to erase your data and information, give us a call and we can tailor a plan that fits your demands. Tell us about your business and your data destruction requirements, and we’ll work with you to develop a safe and simple data protection solution.