Top 10 Reasons You Need Professional Document Shredding Services

You can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your data in this day and age. It seems like there’s some kind of major security breach every day. With so many people in the world looking to steal your information, it makes it even more important not to get careless. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by trusting your document destruction to an on-site commercial shredding service. There are plenty of reasons why this is a good idea, but here are our top 10.

1. It’s the Law

There are federal and state privacy laws that affect businesses in all industries and individuals that require the proper destruction of paper documents containing confidential information. The law requires that the documents be destroyed in a way that the information can no longer be retrieved or reconstructed. The best way to be compliant is through the use of document shredding services.

2. Corporate Espionage is a Real Threat

It’s not just for the movies. Corporate espionage actually happens and is a bigger threat than you might realize. Having your business’s pricing, customer lists, proprietary information, and financial information land in the hands of your competitors will give them a competitive advantage. If you shred all your business records before they’re disposed you dramatically reduce the possibility of your information being stolen.

3. Customer Confidence

When your clients know that you have an ongoing document destruction program in place they’ll be more comfortable providing you with their private information.

4. Shredding is Good for the Environment

All of the documents that are destroyed by a professional shredding service are recycled to be used to make other paper products. When the shredded paper is recycled it decreases what’s being put into landfills and reduces the need to harvest trees.

5. It Costs Less Than Doing It Yourself

Think about how much time you or one of your employees takes when using a small, personal shredder. Those small shredders only shred a few sheets of paper at a time. Now think of how much you pay an employee. Compare that with an industrial paper shredding truck that will destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. A professional shredding service will destroy in minutes what would take you days or weeks to do on your own.

6. A Scheduled Shredding Service Helps Reduce Office Space

The average file cabinet uses nine square feet of office space. When you have a scheduled shredding service in place you’re destroying paper business records on an ongoing basis. This reduces the need to store the files thereby decreasing the office space needed.

7. Outsourcing Shredding is Just Easier

When you hire a professional document destruction company they provide security containers where you can deposit your papers right in your office. All you and your staff have to do is drop the documents into the containers and let your shredding service do the rest.

8. The Shredding is Automatic

When you outsource your scheduled shredding service you’re putting the whole process on auto-pilot. The document destruction company will come to your office on a regular schedule without you having to call.

9. Document Shredding Policy

A professional document destruction company can help you put together a document shredding policy that can be used to train your employees on the importance of information security.

10. Onsite Shredding is More Secure

There isn’t a more secure way for you to destroy your sensitive and confidential documents than doing it on-site at your location where you can watch it happen.

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