How to use a shredder to clean a house

shredded documents and shredded cardboard boxes piled on the ground

How to use a shredder to clean a house
Hire Residential Shredding Services for a Neat, Organized Home

Whether you are preparing to move, clearing part of your home for renovations, or just purging unwanted clutter in your house, residential shredding services are a safe, affordable way to dispose of sensitive documents.

The Dangers of DIY Document Disposal

It can be tempting to gather old invoices, contracts, bank statements and credit card receipts and toss them in the trash or a recycling bin. Yet identity thieves lurk in the most unexpected places, even recycling depots and garbage dumps. Connecticut identity theft laws are strict, yet careless disposal of documents including personal information can be easy pickings for experienced fraudsters.

If you’ve been hanging on to ancient tax return files or old health records, you shouldn’t rely on a pair of scissors or even a home shredder to securely dispose of documents. Your information could be captured in a photograph, sent to a foreign country and end up on the dark web where identity fraud runs rampant.

Did you know that desperate Identity thieves can be determined enough to poach your information that they will piece together fragments of paper that aren’t thoroughly shredded? Home shredders can be jammed with multiple pages, or if paper clips, staples or other fasteners aren’t removed. The time it takes to shred a bin full of documents yourself is really better invested in more productive tasks, like painting walls, laying flooring, or refurbishing your home office.

Next Day Shredding Service Ensures Your Peace of Mind

When you see how fast our NAID-certified (National Association for Information Destruction) shredding truck drivers can process a large bin full of private records, you’ll realize how easy it is to book an appointment from with one of our service personnel. They’re available Monday to Saturday, hand over your documents, and watch them get shredded into tiny, unrecoverable fragments. We ensure your shredded documents are recycled safely, which is good for you and the environment.

If a salesperson ever asks to collect your personal documents and shred them at their facility, turn them down. Unless you see your documents get shredded by an accredited shredding service provider, they could end up in the wrong hand. What seems to be a convenient way to declutter and save money could compromise your privacy, and take a long time to recover from.

Don’t hand over your sensitive documents to anyone who doesn’t show their AAA certification from the NAID.

Convenient, Compliant Services for Sole Proprietors and Remote Employees

If you run a home-based business, or home office, how you dispose documents could be governed by laws related to health records, (HIPAA) educational records (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA) or credit cards (Payment Card Industry or PCI compliance). The costs associated with contracting a mobile residential document shredding service are a bargain compared to the fines and penalties related to violating these rules.

If you have old desktop or laptop computers that aren’t being used, NAID-certified shredding services offer hard drive shredding. Even if your computer no longer operates, personal information can be recovered from a hard drive if you drop it off at a recycling facility.

The costs associated with secure residential shredding services are a legitimate business expense, which can be claimed on your tax return or be reimbursed by your employer. Ensure you follow IRS regulations for record retention and disposal time frames.

If you have a large quantity of personal files or records you no longer need, contact FileShred for a free quote, or book an appointment for when it’s most convenient for you and your family.