What Is Onsite Shredding in Connecticut?

Before we explain what on-site shredding is, you need to know that we can shred at your Connecticut location tomorrow if you call us today.  Call FileShred today to get a quote and make your appointment.

On-site Shredding in Connecticut Explained

Onsite shredding, or mobile document destruction, is a service that destroys your confidential papers right at your residence or business location instead of moving your records to another location to be destroyed later.  Onsite shredding does not move your documents from your premises without them being destroyed first.

Mobile Shredding, It Is Convenient

By using an on-site shredding service provider such as FileShred you are afforded the choice of when the document destruction company comes to shred your files and papers. Either on an ongoing basis such as weekly or monthly or on-demand with a one-time service for that occasional need.  With either service, you don’t have to go anywhere because the shredding comes to you.  You just

Shredding On-site Saves Time

Time is just as valuable as money at home or in the office, and by having your private documents shredded, on-site by a trusted paper shredding partner you save both time and money. The paper shredding process is done quickly and easily at your CT premises and can be overseen by yourself at home or any member of staff at your office. This option also saves you the time and hassle of having to load all of your documents into your own shredder which could take you hours or even days to complete compared to our industrial shredders that destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  Think of how many other useful tasks you could be doing instead.

On-site Shredding Is More Secure

By having your sensitive documents shredded on-site there is less chance for error and therefore a greater level of security. This is due to the fact that your documents are destroyed before the shredding trucks leave your premises, it all but eliminates the risk of them not being kept confidential compared with taking them offsite.  With offsite destruction, the moving and the increased number of times your papers are handled increases the exposure to an information breach.

Here’s What Happens When We Arrive To Shred Onsite

When FileShred arrives on-site to shred your files, our Security Technician will collect your documents and place them into a security bin.  Once your papers are inside it will be locked.  The sealed bin with your papers will be rolled from your premises to our mobile unit parked outside at your home, office, or any location you have your files.  At the truck, a bin tipper will grab the bin lift it, and bring it to the shredder where it will be emptied, and all your documents destroyed.  You can watch a video screen on the side of the truck to witness the destruction of your papers.

Mobile Shredding Gives You Peace Of Mind

With off-site shredding, you don’t know how many different people are handling your documents.  You don’t know how long they might be sitting around before they are destroyed.  You don’t know how secure the transportation process was. With on-site shredding, there’s no need to worry about any of these issues because you can witness your documents being destroyed as it happens.

If you are ready for on-site shredding services give FileShred a call.