When A Purge Shredding Service Is Right For You

There are many different options out there for various shredding services. For many, the need to have a scheduled service is not really necessary. Homeowners, for example, can probably do without, so long as you are taking proper steps for document retention.

So, what kind of service would you need? After all, we always talk about why a professional service is better than going it alone.

As the title suggests, a purge shredding service is the ideal solution. What exactly does that mean, though? Is it just a fancy way of describing document shredding? Possibly, but it refers to a specific type of service.

What Defines A Purge Shredding Service?

A purge shredding job is those that only happen once in a while, a one time job as opposed to having a recurring need. Businesses typically need a regular service depending on the quantity of records being produced in order to meet their compliance needs. The end results are going to be the same either way: documents meet the shredder and get munched.

Typically, shred bins are provided for those on a schedule. Purges may not have them, but it’s highly recommended for compliance and your own security.

So now we know that purge shredding is a one time job that only comes when you specifically need it. That begs the question, then: when, exactly, do you need it?

When Do You Need It?

When you have documents to be shredded, of course. That’s it, we can all go home now.

Well, that is a bit too easy, isn’t it? There are surely some more details.

As suggested, it’s only for times when you have accumulated documents that need destruction. How long this takes will vary based on how many records you get. Maybe it’s a month, maybe a whole year. As per normal shredding procedures, the types of documents that you need cover a vast assortment of records.

From letters with your name and address on them to old receipts, financial statements, bills, etc., anything and everything that might possess some scrap of private information should be destroyed. During tax season you will need specific records, and, after all is said and done, is the perfect time to purge records that you may no longer need to keep.

Remember not to sit on your laurels when it comes to these types of records; no job is too small for shredding services. Stay secure, and remember there is an option for you.

In Conclusion

So with all that said, hopefully any confusion on when to choose a purge shredding service has been cleared up. Stay on top of your shredding needs, but if your needs are lighter than the others, you know what to look for.