Why Homeowners Should Take Advantage of Residential Shredding Services

Why Homeowners Should Take Advantage of Residential Shredding Services

Identity theft is a growing problem around the world. In the United States alone, about 1.2 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the past 12 months. Identity theft includes everything from fraudulent billing statements and personal information to credit cards and social security numbers. Fortunately, there are several ways for individuals to protect themselves and their families from identity theft. One of these methods is hiring a professional shredding company.

Residential Shredding Services are becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Each day, a typical family creates several pounds of paperwork. Incoming trash, discarded school papers, and other papers generally get tossed into the garbage system in many neighborhoods. However, you can protect your personal information, and help your community and environment by contracting residential shredding services to destroy confidential documents at your home or office. So what is a residential shredding service and what does it entail? What are all the advantages?

What is a Residential Shredding Service?

The residential shredding service is provided by shredding experts who will send trucks filled with commercial shredding equipment into your neighborhood to shred your documents. The reason for shredding your documents is simple; it’s to destroy your personal information so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and be used for identity theft or other nefarious reasons.

The Advantages of Using a Residential Shredding

One of the primary advantages of using professional residential shredding services is that you can be confident that your personal information and documents are destroyed in the safest manner possible. Professional shredders use high-powered equipment designed to shred documents down to very small pieces. Unlike household shredders, professional shredders ensure that the shredded documents will all become extremely difficult to reassemble.

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of shredding service is another benefit. It is not necessary to own all the equipment needed for shredding or maintain and repair it regularly when it needs maintenance. In addition, it can take a long time to shred a lot of paper with a personal shredder compared to a commercial shredder that can shred your documents in minutes, when a personal shredder could take days.

Last but not least, shredding services are environmentally friendly, as the shredded paper is brought to a recycling plant to create other products after shredding. Meaning not only are you protecting your family’s personal information but also helping protect the earth.

By properly disposing of your personal information and using a residential shredding service, you’ll be better protected against identity theft, and you’ll be saving both time and money, as well as protecting the environment. Take advantage of all these benefits by booking your residential shredding appointment today.

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