Witness The Shredding of Your Documents In Connecticut

For businesses and residents of Connecticut that would feel more comfortable seeing their sensitive documents being destroyed, they can with our on-site shredding service.  Just give us a call to get pricing and set up your appointment for tomorrow or any date Monday through Saturday.

Where Can I see My Papers Being Destroyed?

The answer is at your residence, office, or any CT location you have records to be shredded.  Our specialized trucks are equipped with mobile shredders so we can go to our client’s locations to destroy records.  When our mobile unit arrives, our technician will place your papers into our bins.  Our bins are large plastic security containers that have a locking top.  Each bin holds 300 pounds of paper.  Once your documents are inside the bin will be locked so your papers can safely be moved to our truck.  Our mobile paper destruction trucks are fully automated. Our driver will pull a tunnel out from the side of the truck.  With the touch of a button, the bin tipper lowers to grab the bin.  The bin is lifted into the tunnel that leads to the shredder where the bin is tipped and emptied directly into the industrial cutting blades and your files are destroyed. Our on-site shredding solution is an ideal service for those companies or individuals who are looking for a convenient and fast document shredding service that they can witness.

How Do I See My Papers Being Shredded?

All of our on-site document destruction trucks are equipped with a closed-circuit camera system.  The system includes a viewing screen on the side of the truck where you can watch the shredding process.  A camera is positioned so you can see the bin come up the tunnel, be tipped, and then witness the cross-cutting blades destroy your documents.

Who Can Benefit From Witnessing The Mobile Shredding Process?

Any business or individual can take advantage of witnessing their documents and files being destroyed.  More documents than you realize contain some piece of personal information and not destroying them leaves these records at an increased risk of becoming stolen or viewed by identity thieves or competitors. With the obvious concerns regarding identity theft, data breaches, and corporate espionage the risks can be economically mitigated by having your documents professionally destroyed by FileShred.  Being able to Witness it being done is an added benefit that will give you peace of mind.

So What Happens To My Shredded Documents?

All of the paper we destroy is recycled.  The shredded particles are put into a baler to use pressure to make large bricks of paper so they can be shipped to a processing plant.  At the plant, the paper is turned back into paper pulp.  The pulp then can be used to make other paper products.  We save 17 trees with every ton of paper we shred and recycle.

Call FileShred Today

For customers who have either a one-time or an ongoing need to oversee the destruction of their sensitive materials, mobile shredding offers a convenient way for you to witness the destruction of documents that are no longer needed with sensitive information.  Contact FileShred to get a quote and make arrangements for you to witness the shredding of your records on a convenient day for you.