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Great Mobile Paper Shredding Services to Choose From

Purge or One-time Destruction of Business Records

Many of our corporate clients don’t need to destroy files that often. If this sounds like your firm our one-time service is the perfect
alternative. This option will let you call to shred documents only when you need it. You may want to do a large file purge to reduce files you
are storing offsite or maybe you have run out of space in your file room so it’s time to get rid of those old records. Whatever the reason or
frequency our one-time service is available.

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding for Businesses

Most organizations can’t get away from paper. It seems to keep growing on its’ own. If your firm is very paper intensive you have a legal
obligation to have a secure document disposal program in place. Our scheduled service will take care of that for you. We will place our
security containers in your office so you always have a secure place to dispose of all documents and files. Your papers will remain safe
and under lock and key until we arrive to remove and destroy them in our shredding truck waiting just outside your office. Then we’ll be
back on your next scheduled service date. Choose a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. If you need something a little different we can
put together a custom schedule for your firm also.

Residential Document Destruction

Yes, we will actually come to your home to destroy any of the old personal papers and files you no longer need or are required to keep. We shred for local residents every day but Sunday so it is easy for you to make an appointment for a date that fits into your schedule. We will come to your home with one of our commercial shredding vehicles and let you watch your private papers being destroyed.

Hard Drive Destruction

Don’t forget about that old computer until you have had the hard drive removed and physically destroyed. Just because it has been disconnected does not mean it is not still storing your private data. Eliminate that information permanently with our onsite hard drive destruction service that will shred or crush your hard drives so it will not be possible to ever retrieve that data again.

Community Shredding Events

You can host a shredding event for many purposes. Say thank you to clients, as a fundraiser or bring awareness to identity protection in
your community. We send one or more of our impressive document destruction trucks to a public location. Your guests arrive and we
shred their papers. These events can run from two to 8 hours.