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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

How Does Hard Drive Destruction Services Work

Hard drives are electronic storage devices that store a tremendous amount of information. Deleting information on your computer does not remove the data from your hard drive. The only way to be sure the information cannot be accessed is to destroy each hard drive physically. FileShred will come to your Springfield MA location and shred or crush your hard drives so the data can never be used again. After your hard drives have been destroyed, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive by serial number. We will also remove the destroyed hard drives and the remnants of hard drives will be recycled.

When Can I Have My Hard Drives Destroyed

FileShred offers hard-drive destruction services Monday through Saturday. We can come to your Springfield Massachusetts location as soon as tomorrow. Just tell us what date you prefer and we will try to accommodate you.

What Does Hard Drive Destruction Cost

Our pricing is very simple, we charge a fee for each hard drive we destroy for you. The price per hard drive is based on how many hard drives you need to be destroyed. There may be a minimum charge depending on how many hard drives you want to be destroyed or if you also have a paper that needs to be shredded. Give us a call and we can give you pricing right over the phone.

Why Choose FileShred’s Hard Drive Destruction Service in Springfield MA?

Unwavering Security

We understand the critical importance of data security. That’s why we employ state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure the complete and irreversible destruction of your hard drives, leaving no chance for data recovery.


Our methods adhere to all relevant data privacy and environmental regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA, and GLB. We are also NAID AAA Certified. You can trust us to handle your data responsibly and in a legally compliant manner.


We are committed to protecting the environment. After the hard drive destruction process, we recycle all materials in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

On-Site Services

Most people are more comfortable with on-site hard drive destruction for added security and convenience. Our mobile units can come to your Springfield MA location to destroy your hard drives on-site.

Complete Documentation

We provide a Certificate of Destruction for every service, detailing the date, and method of destruction, and list each hard drive by serial number. This documentation is crucial for compliance and accountability.

Different Types of Hard Drives Require Different Destruction Methods

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 

An HDD has rotating platters with magnetic heads arranged on a moving actuator arm, which reads and writes data to the platters. Hard disk drives retain stored data even when the device is powered off. These hard drives can be shredded or crushed so that the platters are destroyed making it impossible to retrieve data.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid state drives store data in flash memory chips which allows for no moving parts. They are smaller, more durable, use less energy, and are cooler than traditional drives. Solid-state drives typically store more data than hard disk drives. Because of the small memory chips, they must be shredded by a special shredder that cuts them up into smaller pieces than a standard commercial shredder.

FileShred’s mobile units are equipped with hard drive shredders for both HHD and SSD hard drives.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Destroy your old hard drives at your Springfield MA location when you want it done.

Most businesses and individuals don’t use a professional service to destroy old hard drives and other electronic storage devices. They all contain confidential information and should be physical destroyed by professionals to ensure that the data on any hard drive or other electronic storage devices is 100% destroyed.

The Hard Drive Destruction Process

  • Give FileShred a call to get pricing and make an appointment.
  • Pick any date Monday through Saturday
  • We come to your Springfield MA location to destroy your hard drives.
  • We record the serial number of each hard drive.
  • We shred or crush each unit.
  • We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction listing each destroyed hard drive by serial number.

How We Destroy Your Hard Drives

Our hard drive destruction equipment is specifically designed to destroy your hard drives so that data can never be accessed again. Our shredders and crushers will physically destroy your electronic storage devices to ensure that your digital information is permanently eliminated. FileShred offers two processes for permanent hard drive destruction:

Shredding of Hard Drives – Our industrial shredders cuts each hard drive into tiny pieces. The process completely destroys Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives rendering the data unrecoverable.

Crushing Hard Drives – Our Crushers destroys the enclosure, but most importantly crushes and bends the disks. Even a small amount of bend prevents the read/write heads from reading over the surface of the platter. Once crushed and bent it is impossible to flatten them so they could ever be spun and read again. Some drives have glass platters that will shatter.

The Electronic Storage Devices We Destroy

Hard Disk Drive or HDD

A hard disk drive is an internal or external data storage device that saves and stores electronic information on round platters which are coated with magnetic material. These platters store all the data, such as photographs, documents, spreadsheets and internet history. Hard disk drives are used in computers, laptops, and servers. Many people don’t realize that copier machines contain hard drives to store digital images of all the photocopies you have made and should be destroyed when you replace a copier. HDD can be destroyed by shredding or crushing.

Solid-State Drive or SSD

The newest advances with hard drives are the solid state drive, also known as SSD. The difference between a hard disk and an SSD is that SSDs don’t contain moving parts like a hard disk drive and data isn’t stored on magnetic platters but rather on electronic chips. A solid-state drive is a much smaller storage device compared with a hard disk drive. The tiny flash-based memory chips are able to store more data than a HDD. Because of the small electronic components in an SSD they need to be shredded.

Portable Storage Devices

Besides hard drives there are other electronic storage devices that need to be destroyed when they are no longer needed.. Examples of these devices are USB Sticks (thumb drives), Flash Storage (SD-cards), External Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, SIM-cards and backup tapes. These flash-based and optical media are relatively small, but can store high volumes of sensitive and confidential data. So when you want to discard these electronic storage devices they should be shredded because of their size.

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