Paper Shredder Vs Professional Document Destruction Service

Looking For A Paper Shredder?

You may think that buying a shredder is more convenient and cost-effective than hiring an on-site shredding service in Connecticut, do we have news for you.  Mobile paper shredding services are more efficient and less costly than trying to destroy documents at home or in the office with a shredder purchased at an office supply store.  So give FileShred a call today to get a quote and make a document destruction appointment.

Hiring A Shredding Service Saves Time

When you call FileShred you will be able to get a price quote and make your document destruction appointment with just one telephone call.  When we come to your home or business to shred papers it will be completed quickly because our mobile shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  With our powerful equipment, there is no need to prep your documents like removing staples, paper clips, or rubber bands because our shredders will tear right through them.  If you are at home or in the office with a small shredder you are going to have to remove any paper clips and staples and then feed only a few sheets at a time through the shredders or it will jam.  It could take you hours, days, or even weeks the destroy documents on your own as compared to what FileShred can destroy for you in minutes.

Hiring A Paper Shredding Service Saves You Money

Small paper shredders require someone to put the documents through the shredder.  That means the valuable time of an employee is being taken away from their normal business responsibilities. The cost of lost productivity of employees spending hours and hours using a small shredder is tremendous compared to the very economical fee and speed at which FileShred can destroy your documents.  In addition, a shredder is a financial drain that requires ongoing maintenance repair costs and eventual replacement.

A Mobile Shredding Service Makes You Compliant With Privacy Laws

Regardless if you hire a professional shredding service like FileShred or you destroy documents yourself you still need to have documentation that the disposal of the documents was done in a compliant and secure manner.  That means you need to have Certificates of Destruction.  When you use a home or office shredder to destroy papers you need to make sure a written document destruction policy is in place. Additionally, you need to show proof that you have safely destroyed documents. Hiring a professional document destruction company that will provide you with a certificate of destruction after each service, will keep you in compliance. Government agencies may ask at any time to see your written secure document disposal policy and the certificates of destruction evidencing that your confidential information was securely destroyed, a professional shredding service makes that easy.

In Conclusion

Using a document shredding service like FileShred in Connecticut means that everything is taken care of for you. They will come to your premises, collect the paper, shred it, and then take it away to be recycled. If you destroy documents yourself you will have to collect the paper, perform the never-ending task of shredding them, and then find a way of disposing of the shredded paper.  Take the easy way out, call FileShred today.